Thesis Technical Spec

Thesis Exhibition Technical Spec
Thesis Exhibition Technical Spec
  1. How much space do you need: Provide exact dimensions, and a 3d digital model of your ideal exhibit.

I will need about 5 feet of width for my exhibit and about 3 feet of depth for my exhibit.

I plan to use one of the D12 telephone booths (if this is okay) and then a small 4 ft tall, 2 ft wide, 2 ft deep white pedestal with information (I will construct the pedestal and paint it white). If possible, I’d like to mount a small monitor to the wall to play my demo video (if I can’t wall mount, I plan to place the monitor on the pedestal)

  1. Furniture and Build Needs? Pedestals, tables (with dimensions-and material preferences) chairs, curtains, mannequins, pipes or a grid to hang your work, any kind supports. Note that you will need to provide special furniture and installation materials-make sure you check with in with the thesis installation committee to make sure that they are in accord with your specifications.

I would like to use one of the “telephone booths” here in D12… (not sure if this is allowed? )

Telephone booth dimensions:
– 85 inches tall (7 feet, 1 inch)
– 33 ½ inches wide (2 feet, 9 ½ inches)
– 33 ½ inches deep (2 feet, 9 ½ inches)

Next to the telephone booth, I will have a small pedestal-like table that I will construct and paint white. Dimensions: 4 ft tall, 2 ft wide, 2 ft deep

  1. Presentation technology? Audio (players, headsets, stereo domes to localize sound, speakers), LCD screens or projection surfaces. Does your project need to be screened in a theater as part of the time-based thesis projects?

I need the following technology for my project and will be providing everything myself:

– headphones (2 pairs)
– mic
– computer
– monitor
– dvd player

  1. Connectivity: Will your piece be web or mobile platform-based? What are your server or Internet needs?

My installation will be web-based and will require an internet connection.

  1. Electricity and lighting needs: special lighting instruments (you must provide), describe all power and cabling needs, number of outlets and possible additional power.

I believe I will need four outlets and plan to bring the necessary extension cord and power strip to use in the show. I will also need to provide an additional light source inside of the telephone booth and plan to use battery-operated lights that I can install on the ceiling of the telephone booth.

  1. Describe how people will interact or contribute to the installation or experience: one by one, or as a group of spectators;or by individually downloading an app; or by watching a screen in a booth or in a theater; or playing a game on a screen with one or more players; or a individual reading on an I-pad, etc.

Users will enter the phone booth individually (or, possibly, as a group of two?). Inside, there will be a phone receiver that users can hear some of the stories that users have left throughout the city. Users will also be able to use the receiver to record their own stories as well.

I see this installation as a way to get visitors to the exhibition excited about the project and hope that this installation would encourage users to record their story so they can hear it on the app.

Next to the phone booth, I plan to show an informational video about the project (with headphones for viewers). Since the web app is geo-location based and needs to be accessed outside of D12, I will also provide instructions on how to access and use the web app in the field.

  1. Participants: Do you need “plants” or actors to demonstrate or perform the piece and how it works?

I don’t anticipate needing anyone to demonstrate… I will provide very specific instructions for visitors.

  1. Timing: how long is your experience whether individually viewed, or a presentation of a fixed length?

I want users to spend the amount of time that they need with the project, but only one (or maybe two) person(s) can be inside of the telephone booth at a time. I’d imagine users wouldn’t take more than fifteen minutes at a time.

  1. Signage: Do you need any special signage or accommodations to hang signage?

No special signage.

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