Updated User Journey

After the Science Fair, I re-vamped the current user journey to incorporate a number of insights that I gained, like the map.

User’s experience when they listen to a story:

  1. The user navigates to the web application in the browser.
  2. The user sees a map with markers marking a number of nearby locations
  3. The user then chooses one of the locations and walks to that location
  4. The user is instructed to put on their headphones
  5. The user sees a large “play” button on the screen
  6. The user taps “play” and hears the story about that location

User’s experience when they leave a story:

  1. The user first calls the number (347) 620-1249
  2. The user hears the Points of View hotline greeting and instructions
  3. The user records the story and it’s location after the beep

Below are the user’s experience mapped out as images:User Experience

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 8.03.18 PM

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